• Redefining the Patient Healthcare Experience

    QOC stands for Quality of Care and that is our passion.

    Our solutions start from the patient point of view, to dig deeply into the patient healthcare and recovery experience.

    Our mission is to make healthcare more accessible, more consistent, and allow patients to participate more easily in their own care.

Emerging Technologies

QoC Health is a patient focused healthcare technology company. Our goals are to improve the relationship between patients and healthcare service providers leveraging emerging technologies.

Designing for next generation service delivery models and cloud computing, leveraging the latest mobile and smartphone platforms and tapping into the modern online social landscape to create a complete 360 healthcare experience.

Healthcare Insights

QoC provides new measures to gain deeper insight into patient quality of care and quality of recovery. During recovery patients and doctors have access to entirely new insights into complications, flags and indicators to improve the patient recovery experience.

These extensive new insights and analytics help reduce patient readmissions and support hospital quality of care improvement plans.

Great Ideas Into Reality

QoC helps to foster new ideas and innovation in healthcare, we're always thinking about healthcare in new and innovative ways, and we know how difficult it can be to turn ideas into reality. We help healthcare innovators realize their ideas by tapping into our network of capital, business and technology partners to help turn great ideas into reality.

If you have a great idea, and are looking for a stellar team to work with to help realize your vision, we would love to hear form you.